Make the most of your apartment floor plan

Whether you’re moving into your new apartment home or have been settled in for a while but looking to make some changes, space considerations are always important to keep in mind. Sometimes, it may be a matter of figuring out how to downsize from a stand-alone home, expanding your family and figuring out how everyone fits into the apartment or just making sure every inch of your luxury apartment floor plan is utilized and stylish. Here are some space-saving tips for making the most of your apartment.

First, there are some lifestyle changes that can help. You know what we’re talking about. Yes, decluttering. The fewer things you have sitting out, the larger your apartment will look. So, get inspired watching some old episodes of “Hoarders,” feel better because your clutter isn’t that bad, then donate things that don’t bring you joy, discard things that never will get fixed and don’t bring anything in without getting rid of something else. Whatever it takes.

It doesn’t hurt to examine your organizing skills, too, from learning what’s causing the clutter to finding the right plan to help you declutter to maintaining a clutter-free apartment once you’ve got everything in its right place.

Minimal is more

Consider adopting a minimalist design, which gives your apartment an open and modern feel. Also, keep as much floor space open as possible by arranging furniture against walls and looking for semi-open furniture and other pieces that are partially open to allow for as much natural light and movement as possible. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces also help create the illusion of a more expansive apartment. 

Let the natural light in as much as possible and select neutral colors for your overall design. But also make a statement, meaning look for a few statement pieces that stand out from the rest of your apartment. By that, we mean a bright bedspread, retro furniture, potted plants or an unusual light feature that perks up your home without overwhelming it.

Don’t waste space. Wherever possible, get furniture with storage space, from ottomans that open to chests to place at the end of your bed, it’s a classic way to store everything you need and still be stylish. 

Create some storage

Speaking of storage, many apartment homes have built-in storage, but sometimes, you have to create your own. Consider getting some magnet strips, especially for the kitchen, where you can free up counter space and display that great chef’s knife set you got for Christmas. 

You can easily create more storage space in the bedroom by getting some bed risers and raising the level, which also creates interest by creating layers of design. There are lots of stylish storage containers that will look good as they store those off-season clothes or other sundries. Or, you may choose a loft bed with a desk or other storage space beneath it. 

Space-saving hacks

Here are some quick tips for making a small space more livable:

  • Use a bookshelf instead of a desk for your laptop or tablet
  • Put your bed against a wall and use big pillows, so it can double as a couch
  • Hey, sofa beds have been around for a long time for a reason
  • If your apartment isn’t big enough for a full-sized sofa, get a chaise longue (two pushed together can comfortably serve as a bed)
  • No space or money for a sofa? Get some giant pillows, throw them on the floor for guests and then put them easily away when you need floor space.

As we said above, sofa beds may not sound sexy, but they sure come in handy and are great space-savers. There are other classic furniture pieces that should be considered, such as an expandable kitchen table that can either look classic or high-tech. They can fold down when you have guests over and yet store flat when not in use. 

Stackable chairs are another space-saving idea for apartments and their modern design fits with a minimalist design. Store them in a corner or a closet when you don’t need them. For families, a multi-purpose crib that combines a changing table, dresser and bed saves space and bunk beds not only are great for tucking the kiddos in, but save precious play space.

What are your favorite apartment space-saving hacks? Tell us in the comments below and check out our luxury apartment floor plans in Phoenix and Tucson.